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Penang Indian Mee

Penang Indian Mee is one of the famous Indian Mee in Malaysia. It can served either fried or wet. It also called as Mamak Mee Goreng(fried) or Mamak Mee Rebus(wet). For fried Indian Mee, 1st the yellow noodle is dipped in boiling water then placed in a hot wok and fried together with the ingredients. For wet type, the noodle dipped in boiling water then served with a sweet potato chili sauce mix.


You can taste this famous and delicious food in Penang at the hawker stalls of Kabir Indian Mee(Air Itam Road), Seng Lee Cafe(Bangkok Lane, Pulau Tikus), Batu Lanchang Market(Batu Lanchang Road) and also all the Nasi kandar restaurant. 





Indian Fried Cake (which is needed in Indian Mee)-or Cucur Tikus in Malay 

High protein flour-300g 

Corn starch-2tbsp  

Baking powder-2tbsp 









Turmeric Powder-1tbsp 





Oil for deep frying-6cups 


Red Chili(chopped)-2pcs

Spring Onion(chopped)-2stalks 


Easy steps  

1. Put ingredients A in a Big Deep Bowl, add in ingredients B and mix well.

2. Add in ingredient C and D and stir until the mixer becomes smooth.  

3. Heat up oil then turn on the heat to medium, drop mixture(a teaspoonfuls) into hot oil and deep fry until golden brown. Cut into sliced.




Yellow Mee-600g (dipped in boiling water 1minute) 

Bean Sprout-200g   

Firm Bean curd-4blocks(deep fry until golden brown, leave cool then cut each into 8pcs)  

Eggs-6pcs(Lightly Beaten)   


B(seasoning sauce-mixed) 

**Vinegar sauce-4tbsp(from C)



Tomato sauce-3tbsp  

Dark soya sauce-2tsp 

Light soya sauce-5tbsp  


C (**Vinegar sauce ingredients)

Tomatoes-4pcs(blanched and remove skin)  

White rice vinegar-160ml  





1. Mash tomatoes and mixed with ingredients C then bring to boil. Remove from heat and leave to cool.



Toasted peanut(chopped)-3tbsp 



Local lettuce (shredded)  

Red chili  (shredded)

Lime wedges (shredded)  

Toasted peanut(chopped) 


Easy steps  

1. Heat up oil, put bean sprout, firm bean curd and yellow mee and stir fry until well mixed. 

2. Pour in egg and stir fry quickly so that mix well with mee. Add in Indian fried cake, ingredients B, C and D. Stir fry until slightly dry. 


3. Dish up, garnish with E.  


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